Your home can never be too safe. Even if you do not feel you have anything that anyone would want to break in to steal, you may be surprised. The median income for a home that is burglarized is only $50,303, and most of the break-ins do not take place in the middle of the night, but take place between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. The good news is, with the automation technology that is on the market, you can create a home security system that will go way beyond a basic alarm system. It will allow you to see, hear, and control all of your home's systems in real time, which will allow you to keep you and your family safer.

What Is Whole Home Automation?

Every home can now be a smart home. With the addition of a little technology, you can now basically control anything within your home from anywhere in the world, on your smart phone, your personal computer, or your tablet. When you "speak," your home will listen.

It is easy to do, and there are many different companies on the market who have already created all of the components you will need, and they are willing to assist you in providing around the clock monitoring. You pick and choose the level of control over your home you want to have, install your components, learn to use your software, and you are on your way to having full control over what takes place within your home from the convenience of where ever you are.

How Will Home Automation Increase Your Safety?

Home Automation Will Lock And Unlock Your Doors - You no longer have to worry about having to cut multiple keys for people to be able to get into your home. With some home automation systems, you can create unique codes that will allow invited guests, hired help, and even service personnel to be able to enter your home. Once you choose for a person to no longer have access, all you have to do is to delete their code from the system.

Home Automation Will Allow You To Turn On And Off Your Lights - Do you ever feel afraid when you have to come home to a totally dark house, but you hate to leave your lights on all day. If a person is watching your home, it is easy to spot a traditional timer; your lights come on at the same time each day. With home automation, you can control when, as well as where, your lights come on, allowing you to never have to enter a dark home again.

Home Automation Will Allow You To See What Is Taking Place In Your Home - Each day, there are approximately 6101 burglaries per day, which equals a burglary taking place every 14.16 seconds. Unfortunately, law enforcement only arrests approximately 13% of the people who perform these crimes, which mean that 87% of the burglars are still on the street.

With home automation, you can set video cameras up, which will allow you to see your home throughout the day in real time. You will be able to see what is taking place inside of your home, as well as outside of your home. You can even install cameras that will show you who is ringing your doorbell even when you are home. 

Because many of the systems are wireless, you no longer have to worry about wires being cut. You can choose to save this information directly to your computer or phone, eliminating the fear of tapes or wires being stolen. If there is ever a problem, you will be able to provide this information for the police.

Home Automation Will Allow You To Call For Help From A Distance - By knowing there is a problem at home, you will be able to call for help sooner and from a distance. This keeps you from inadvertently stumbling into a dangerous situation. Help can be on the way while you remain a safe distance away. 

Home Automation Will Monitor Your Home's Other Systems - With the right components, you can monitor, as well as have monitored by an outside company, fire, water, glass breakage, and anything else that takes place within your home. What you choose to monitor is completely up to you.

Home automation is nothing new, but the technology is growing in leaps and bounds every year in what you are able to do. Do not depend on an outdated alarm system to keep your family safe, embrace the new technology and make your home a smart home. Contact a professional business, like Tele-Plus, for more information.