When it comes to your home or small business' safety, there is probably nothing that you can do for yourself that is quite as good as investing in a wireless security camera system. The benefits of owning and  installing a wireless security system are nearly innumerable, as they will protect you, your family, and your employees from having to deal with any potential robbers, arsonists or other miscreants who wish to meddle in your affairs. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about 4 of the most common and best benefits of owning and installing a wireless security camera system.

No Wires

Because of the lack of wires, you can be much more liberal with the placement of the camera itself. You will not have to plug the camera into an outlet. 

Since the camera does not have a series of wires jutting out of its backside, it is also smaller and less conspicuous. Due to its smaller size, it can be placed in areas that other security cameras could not fit and since it is much less blatant than its brethren with wires, it also won't be completely obvious to potential robbers that a security system is installed.

Ease of Installation

With most security cameras, there is a lot of prep and installation work involved. For example, most wire based security camera systems up until the mid 2000s required you to purchase expensive mounting units for every camera involved, as well as drill holes into your walls in order to run the wires through them. Although not exactly the most laborious of tasks, it was still a time consuming phenomenon that could have better went towards other things, such as spending time with your family or working. Today's wireless models are simple "plug and play" models that generally just require a simple, pre-installed mounting unit and some computer software.


With the security cameras of yesterday, they simply served one function: to record in whichever direction they were pointed. Today's wireless cameras are much more flexible and have a lot more usability than the old wire based units. The greatest thing about such security cameras is the pure physicality of them. Not only can they easily be placed in a spot without having to worry about wires, you also can easily move them to a new spot if the original doesn't suit your fancy. In addition to this, there is a wide range of programmable functions you can assign to your camera, including specific times to record.


The receiver that you use to control a wireless security camera system is generally much more flexible, resilient and convenient than those that are associated with a wire based security system. Depending on the system that you install, and how much you're willing to spend on a receiver, you can utilize the amenities of your wireless security camera system from anywhere from up to 700 feet to 10 miles away. In addition to the distance, most receivers can penetrate a number of walls in order to reconfigure the settings of your wireless security camera system. Glass, wood, and metal are no objects for these receivers, as they tend to be quite powerful!

When it comes to protecting your home or small business, you can do no better than a wireless security camera system. Wireless security camera systems come with a number of amenities that wire based systems simply cannot provide. Hopefully, this brief article has served to inform you of some of the functions available at your fingertips if you so choose to purchase a wireless security camera system.