Since owning a cell phone is a part of life for the majority of adults today, it is important that you understand a few ways to get the best performance out of your phone, while also caring for it. Whether you are an Android or iPhone fan, there are some universal tips that will help you to maximize on your cell phone ownership. Start with these three guidelines below so that you are able to enhance the performance and longevity of your cell phone. 

#1: Always Keep Your Phone Charged

The last thing you would want is for your cell phone to die in a moment where you need it the most. To prevent this, you should always be mindful of your battery life and do as much as you can to enhance it. The average person charges their phone approximately 2 times per day, but there are some devices you can purchase and practices you can follow to maximize on your battery life. Start by getting rid of clutter on your phone so that you do not have applications needlessly wasting precious battery life. Invest in some portable chargers and cords that also help you charge your phone when you're on the go. There are Samsung charging stations and iPhone charging stations you can purchase which will speedily get you back to 100%. This will help your phone hold a charge longer and always remain available. Contact a company like TYLT to learn more about this.

#2: Protect Your Phone To The Best Of Your Ability

Since cell phones are so expensive, you need to protect your investment. As soon as you buy a new phone, shop for a protective case to go with it. There are plenty of cases on the market that can keep your phone and screen intact in the face of the worst freak accidents. You also need to invest in insurance coverage or a repair plan to fix or replace your phone should something happen to it. Such plans might cost between $7 and $10 per month depending on your cell phone provider.

#3: Always Update Your Phone

For the best overall performance, you'll need to be sure that your phone is always up to date. Developers are constantly getting rid of bugs and working out the kinks through newly released updates. You should receive alerts when an update is available -- otherwise, browse your app store and library to always have the latest version. 

Follow these tips so that you get the most out of your cell phone.