The first step to becoming a vlogger is to buy an HD video recorder that is compact enough to carry with ease. HD capability is a must in today's world, and buying a small recorder that you can easily operate with one hand will allow you to go about your daily business and record yourself all the while. Once you've successfully purchased your HD video recorder, your next priority is to get shooting. You might feel a little self-conscious as you shoot your initial vlogs, but this feeling will subside over time and, soon enough, your recorder will seem like an extension of you. Here are some tips to begin your vlogging career the right way.

Position Yourself To Face The Sun

Shadows can be detrimental to the vlogging experience. When your viewers can't clearly see you or what you're doing, there's a higher chance that they'll click away from your online video. You can avoid such a problem by positioning yourself to face the sun. In this position, the sun's rays will illuminate your face and help your camera shoot a clear image. When you're shooting indoors, position yourself so that you're facing a window or that an artificial light is aimed at you.

Don't Try To Be Too Perfect

If you're a perfectionist as you get started with your vlog, you'll be in for plenty of frustration. Part of the joy of watching peoples' vlogs is that they're an accurate depiction of everyday life, rather than a polished product. If you make a mistake when you're talking, simply correct yourself and continue. While you can always edit the clip later on, people will hopefully appreciate your natural approach if you leave any minor rough elements in the video you upload.

Shoot In Many Locations

Vlogs can get a little dull when they're simply a person talking to the camera while sitting at home or driving. The best vlogs are those with plenty of visual engagement, so take your new video recorder to a variety of locations and capture some footage of you doing your thing. As long as your commentary is interesting, even ordinary things such as pumping gas, walking through the supermarket, working out at your local gym, and doing chores at home can be interesting in the vlog format. It's a good practice to always carry your new recorder with you so that if anything unique or interesting occurs, you can begin filming.