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About Smart Ice

Smart Ice Arena ™ is the PIONEER of artificial ice skating.

Founded in 1999 by a team of professional Ice-Hockey players (2 of them are Engineers) Smart Ice grew steeply over the years, while improving its patented technology which is the result of over 30 years of combined experience in the management of real ice rinks, research and development of new high tech materials and a big big passion for sport.

SMART ICE is the only Company in the world providing its Client with a DUAL SKATING System: traditional ice skates and/or 3S Skates

Moreover, SMART ICE is undisputedly the world’s leader in the manufacture and management of MOBILE RINKS and the Company with the largest experience and references in INDOOR / F.E.C.’s rinks design and installation.

We have accomplished more than 130 projects of both of mobile and permanent artificial ice rinks structures across 21 countries, with rinks sizes ranging from 700 to 10,000 square feet, both indoor and outdoor.

In 2008 SMART ICE teamed up with Italian Artificial Ski Slope Manufacturer NEVEPLAST and was awarded the design and construction of first-of-its kind Indoor Artificial Snow Park

Smart Ice is fully ecological and recyclable. We care about the environment.

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